Why I Use Slow Grown Douglas Fir

A cross section of Slow grow Douglas Fir

A cross section of Slow grow Douglas Fir

As a joiner I see no point spending hours creating joinery that won’t last. This is a particularly difficult problem and leaves me with a few choices all needing consideration depending on the job in hand, One of my favourite solutions is slow grown Douglas fir.

Slow Grown timbers

These are as the name suggest trees that have taken longer to grow than their faster grown relations. The lighter fast grown growth in the summer and the darker slower grown winter growth that shows as the rings in the end grain that enable the ageing of a tree are closer together the slower a tree grows.

What does this mean

Slower grown timber is denser than its faster grown counter parts, producing timber that is durable, has a greater chance of staying straight with less movement and where possible doubled with the use of quarter sawn timber the movement is further reduced.

By sourcing the best timbers from the best mills that actually care about the products they source and sell i can create the best possible joinery that is sustainably sourced, durable and if maintained will last for years.

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