Bespoke kitchen furniture

This was a great project designed by the customer; part of the design was the requirement for these items to be made in Iroko. Iroko is not a typical timber for furniture, for this to work I knew I had to source the best materials, yet again my supplier came up trumps providing some lovely prime waney edge boards, these in the form of sequential boards from a full log or Boule. A little more information can be found here on the Thorogood Timber Website. Not the easiest boards to work with on my own but worth the sweat for the result. Simply designed with square edges, slight tapered legs on the table and tongue and grooved boards on the trolley.

The island being a little different had deep traditional drawers on wooden runners. These would not have worked aesthetically with dovetailed corners, so I used finger-joints to complete the look and create a strong joint.

 All finished and ready for oiling, simple but beautiful furniture.